Samstag, 24. September 2016

The end of summer or a magic dwells in each beginning

This year the i cachr team already endured a cold winter without any heating in the apartement (not accostumed to the cold even though we spent the winters of our lifes snowball fighting in Germany) and a hot summer, we faced with tons of pistachio ice-cream and cold pyjamas from the freezer.

Now Málagas to-hot-to-get-to-sleep-so-you-have-to-go-out-for-a-drink-and-a-TREASURE HUNT - nights cool down to warm and windy end of summer nights.
The Malagueños and the travelers in Málaga enjoy the beautiful light wich immerses the city into a postcard scenery, while autumn is already in the starting blocks, ready to take some leaves to the ground. 

Great rebalanced end of summer climate + Holidays in Málaga = Just perfect for a City Treasure Hunt with i cachr!

Our i cachr Málaga insider for this week

The Recyclo Bike Café Málaga!

Some recycled, old and re-used bikes, furniture and modern local art (also for sale), delicous organic and regional food and coffee, everything very colourful, bright and fun!

Donnerstag, 1. September 2016

Life of a treasure hunter in Málaga

The small things ....

the i cachr Málaga city tour project is based on a idea that leads back to our childhood and warm summer evenings outside savenger hunting. When we grow older we finally get adapted to early morning and summer evening routines, that take us far away from the desire to take our friends and some chalk to go out for a exciting treasure hunt.

Geocaching - Back to the roots!

in the past years a new worldwide trend is awaking the inner childs of adults on this earth - Geocaching! 
...and the i cachr team also let their inner child come out and play! With pitter-patter hearts and equipped with a modern compass (Thank GPS!) we climb our ways through the hills around Málaga, caching small boxes hidden by other Geocachers and wander the streets in the historic centre of Málaga searching for so called micro caches that are so small, that they fit into a thimble!

... and now, tourists in Málaga cachr too! On their sightseeing treasure hunt with us!